jeudi 6 décembre 2012

The "Code"

The "Code" that I follow was taught me by my father Harry, detective in the police, who knew everything on crimes. Being a detective, He knew exactly how to get away with a crime and how to not leave any clues.

Harry teaching me the "Code"

First of all, I find a target who I suspect to have committed murders, rapes or other major crimes. I then investigate through my computer from the police department if he has any files or history with the police. Sometimes I also find a murderer from one of my cases but managed to escape the justice. Thanks to my knowledge in blood patterns I can prove and find out who the killer is.

Looking for my target

After knowing the person is a criminal and will probably continue, I follow him into his habits and schedule in order to take him in a deserted area. Obviously, I use gloves, different clothes than my usual and if I have to discuss with my victim I use a fake name. I usually like to wait for them at their home. I really enjoy seeing their fear in their eyes when I get out of my hiding spot. As soon as possible I inject them a sedative which puts them asleep in a second.

Oh hey guys, pretty exciting right?

Next, I choose a room, usually close to where I kidnapped the victim for less trouble. It is easier to catch them and kill them in the same place. I thus set up plastic wraps all over the room to avoid marks of blood or DNA. I wrap my victim naked on a table with plastic wrap and a band to avoid them from screaming. I set up, pictures of the criminal’s victims and proof of him being a killer. Once I wake him up, I like to understand the purpose of his terrible acts and make him confess.

The important part for me when I am about to kill, is to take a souvenir of it. For that, I make a cut on the person’s right cheek and keep a drop of blood in a blood slide. This “souvenir” helps me calm myself and relax when I my need of killing becomes really important. After proceeding all these steps, I take a big knife from my killer’s tool bag and stab him in the chest until he dies.

My precious souvenirs

To clean up and get rid of the body, I use many of my tools to cut the body in pieces and wrap them in plastic bags. I clean the whole room and get rid of all the plastic on the walls and furniture. Finally, I bring all the bags to my boat in the Miami marina in order to throw them in the depth of the ocean. 

How do you like the name of my boat?

I am sure you are thinking all this hard work to fulfill a need? Adding the fact to be caught and go to jail for the rest of my life? I promise you, I really need to kill people. It is just deep inside me, and it becomes all pleasure. 

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