jeudi 6 décembre 2012

My Story

My story is very different than any other stories. Some people would actually think I am a hero, but from the law's point of view I am a serial killer. Throughout my years working for Miami Metro Police as a blood spatter analyst, I have managed to blend in our society as a normal person. However, most of my nights I like to look for criminals who slipped through the hands of justice in order to kill them. Many criminals who I killed where serial killers and a few of them where actually inspiring me.

For me, the most important criminal I had to kill was my biologic brother who had the same experience as me as a baby and thus grew this same need of killing. The difference between him and I is that I only kill criminals thanks to "the code" that my adopted dad taught me. My brother also proceeded in rituals for his killings and he was my target before I knew he was my brother. Once I knew about him, I really hesitated on my choices. He was about to kill my sister Debra but I chose to follow my dad's "code".

After that, the police found all the bodies of my murders in the ocean and became really close to catch me. They even had the nickname "The Bay Harbor Boucher" for me which I thought was interesting. 

After being almost getting caught I needed to talk to someone about my "problem". I started to trust a friend from the police who wasn't very clean either but I ended up killing him too. 

On my way to start a family with Rita, I was really questionning myself on how to fullfil this need inside me. That is when a serial killer called "The Trinity Killer" came back in action. I started to get a closer look at him and found out that he was very similar to me in a way that he was the man of a family. I got to get to know him more with a fake identity and become his friend. The problem was that he found who I was really and the time that it took me to kill him, he managed to murder Rita who was the mother of Harrison for a year already. 

Having difficulties to recover from her death, I saved a woman who witnessed one of my killing. My "code" did not allow me to suppress her, so I got to know her. She needed me to help her to get revenge against the people who made her suffer and killed her friends. The problem is that her "Dark Passenger" left after getting her revenge. 

Mine was still there so I continued tracking murderers. There was this serial killer who used God as an excuse. He was really difficult to catch and also kidnapped my son. After finally catching him, I brought him to the church where he was staying. When I just finished killing him, Debra caught me and there started the troubles. 

I have now Debra behind me to control every single step I make. Adding to this, the captain of the police department has suspisions on me being "The Bay Harbor Boucher" a few years ago. No worries, I control everything just by killing other criminals. It really helps me relax and think about what I need to do. 

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