mercredi 5 décembre 2012

My Entourage

Debra Morgan is my non-biologic sister and is the person I "care" the most about. When I say "care", I don't even know what I am talking about, because I do not feel these emotions of love, fear and happiness. My sister worked as a detective at the Miami Metro Police and is now the lieutenant. She is really direct and vulgar, but she does everything she can to respect the law. She loves me so much that she has feelings for me. She feels save when I am around. However, I have been in a really difficult relationship with her lately because she found out my dark secret and all the killing and murders I have been doing since I work at the police. It destroyed everything she believed in, but by love, she is trying to help me.

 Harry Morgan is my dad who adopted me when the police found me in front of my parents' massacre. He is the reason I am still alive and free by teaching me to live a life by a "code". Noticing my need to kill, he taught me this "code" where I kill only criminals who escaped justice. He taught me all the details to not get caught by the police. He also is my little voice in my conscience when I need help and someone to talk to.

Rita Bennett Morgan became my wife for a couple of years and the mother of my child Harrison. She had two previous kids Cody and Astor with a previous damaged relationship. She was murdered three years ago by the "Trinity Killer" just before I managed to take his life. I was too late to save her and I always blame myself for her death. It took me a long time to recover.

Harrison Morgan is my biologic child, who lost and witnessed his mother's death. Similarly to my story, I found Harrison at home in a puddle of blood next to the bathtub where Rita was killed. I now wonder if he will become like me and grow this "dark passenger" and need to kill. I have been opening up to him when I knew he would not understand me, but now he has become older.

Captain Maria Laguerta is the captain of the Miami Metro Police Department and was a good friend or Sergeant Doakes who I manage to blame to be the serial killer for all my murders that were found. She still does not believe that his friend was the "Bay Harbor Boucher", so she investigates on the case. She found some links with me and the serial killer which I have to be careful.

Hannah McKay is a beautiful woman who was on an old case of a serial killer. She was, back in the days, the killer's girlfriend and managed to get out of all troubles. She has not escaped my radar for criminals and I found out after getting close to her that she had a main role in the killings. When I was about to take her life, something that I cannot explain happened to me and I could not finish the job. She has been all over my thoughts and even made me care about her. I have this intimacy where I can tell her everything about my darkness and terrible things I have done, and yet she accepts and does not care. I can be myself around her, without lying and hiding. My relationship with her is new, but it ruins my sister's heart that I see her because Debra would like to catch her and give her what she deserves.

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